Why is small batch quick turn PCB assembly the first choice for all industrial projects?

As printed circuit boards become an integral part of more and more devices, PCB prototyping is unprecedented. As the company continues to innovate, low-volume quick turn PCB assembly can provide high turnaround time, and manufacturers will not be in trouble due to large inventory.

What are the unique advantages of low-volume PCB assembly, these advantages are of great value to manufacturers:

Cost advantage
Although economies of scale will lead to high yields, in the changing technical solutions, small batch PCB production has significant cost advantages. On the one hand, you will not produce extra circuit boards. On the other hand, in the prototype phase, low-volume production means you are not bothered by defective products.

Since outsourcing small quantities of PCB components, this means lower overhead for your business. Save valuable time that can be used in other productive business areas. For lower batches, you also tend to save on storage costs that may increase in case you are under heavy inventory load. If the prototype fails, too much damage will not occur. Therefore, low-volume PCB assembly can provide a low-cost test method.
Turnaround time

Small batches also bring fast turnaround times. So you can quickly assess if any design changes are needed. This, in turn, shortens the time to market, which can be a significant source of competitive advantage in today's world.

If there is an attribute between business success and failure, the agility of the enterprise to respond to change. Small-volume PCB assembly essentially provides this advantage to the company, because the company is not troubled by mass production and has the advantage of short turnaround time. By looking at the product for defects and the ability to make any changes to the design, companies have the flexibility to shape the product to suit customer needs.
High-quality end products
The PCB prototype has a short turnaround time and the ability to detect defects early, and you have the advantage of improving your product, so you can enter the market with high-quality products. With the success of the product in the market and the reputation of the manufacturer, this has greatly increased credibility.

The business has become a level playing field because of the low cost required for small batch PCB assembly and testing ideas. For small businesses and hobbyists, it's easy to test their ideas without investing a lot of money. All in all, low-volume PCB assembly has several advantages. It can save overhead costs by outsourcing work, and small order volumes will automatically reduce turnaround time
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