What Problems Should We Pay Attention to During PCB Assembly

Whether manufacturing for large multinational technology companies or small electronic assembly companies, pcb assembly may face many challenges. Mistakes in the design can have serious consequences for the entire organization, especially when a design failure causes substandard products to enter the market. So what issues should we pay attention to?

1. Elastic cracking.
In terms of technology, flexible cracking means excessive bending of the PCB under the ceramic chip capacitor. Ceramic chip capacitors cannot withstand excessive stress due to their brittleness. In order to obtain sufficient electrical performance, some printed circuit boards will require large capacitors. The stress on the capacitor may be due to accidental drop or excessive heavy objects placed at any stage of PCB assembly. The type of ceramic chip capacitor you use in the design phase should be able to handle the pressure of assembly and should not be easily broken. You can respond to the bending cracking problem by using a shorter capacitor, or you can replace the capacitor with a smaller unit with the same capacitance and voltage.

2. Environmental factors
Electronic components are very precise parts and have high requirements for temperature and humidity. If the materials and design specifications used are not sufficient in terms of size and ability to handle these conditions, the processed parts may lose their function.

3. Insufficient communication
PCB assembly usually involves many participants. There are designers, manufacturers and electronic manufacturing service providers. Usually, design companies outsource manufacturing to different companies for business reasons. Different participants need to communicate constantly in order to deliver quality products smoothly. Errors such as the designer's failure to send the initial part placement through the assembly plant in the initial stage can greatly affect the delivery time. Each company arranges its work to fully communicate, create profits for the organization and communication, and ensure that no participants are affected by the other's policies.

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