Guang Dong EDA Technology Co., Ltd. (‘EDA’) was established in 2001, focus on Medical & Health Care, Industrial, Communications sector. We are providing High Mixed / Low to Mid volume manufacturing service for customized products in these fields. The headquarter is in Cha Shan town, Dong Guan city of China. We have R&D centers and marketing offices in Beijing and Hong Kong.


  • Established in Dong Guan, Guang Dong, China


  • Company moved to Cha Shan


  • ISO9001 Quality System Certification was acquired


  • ERP system was implemented to improve operation level greatly


  • ISO14001 System Certification was acquired


  • ISO13485 System Certification was acquired


  • July, CFDA Manufacturing license was acquired to enhance company competition in medical field in China market
  • Dec, R&D Center was founded in Beijing to upgrade our development capabilities


  • Registration certificate of Ventilation mask and CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) device was acquired
  • GUET university signed co-operation project with company
  • Rescomf BU (EDA original brand) established


  • EDA internal magazine was published
  • Established strategic relationship with Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine Institute of Mathematics and Physics Engineering
  • High-Tec Enterprise was awarded


  • The Pilot Project Of "Double grows" In Chashan Town was awarded
  • "Growth-type enterprise" in Dongguan was awarded
  • Completing the transformation of the shareholding and rename "Guang Dong EDA Technology Co., Ltd."
  • Became public company in China OTC
  • Awarded with "Guangdong Research and Development Center of COPD rehabilitation engineering" cooperation unit
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution System) project was kicked off, it provide full traceability of products and improve the operational efficiency obviously
  • Certification of Intellectual Property Management System was acquired


  • IATF16949 System Certification was acquired
  • The Pilot Project Of "Double grows" In Dong Guan was awarded
  • Four High-tech product certifications were acquired
  • "Engineering Technology and Research Center of Dongguan" was awarded
  • MES was implemented successfully


  • "National High-tech enterprises" was awarded
  • Four high-tech product certifications were acquired
  • "Ventilation Disinfector" MDD-CE certification was acquired
  • FDA registration of EDA products was acquired


  • "Guang Dong Engineering Research Center of Sleep & Respiratory Devices" was awarded


  • Become the practice base of GUET Institute
  • 20th Anniversary of EDA company


  • "2021 Advanced Enterprise in Innovation-driven" was awarded
  • Approved to be a "Specialization, refinement, specialty, novelty" enterprise in Dongguan