We make a difference in how customers take new products to market. EDA realizes the critical importance that New Product Introduction (NPI) plays in optimizing a new product’s time to market. When we help customers launch complex products, we can provide substantial engineering, technology and manufacturing expertise to achieve that customer’s vision. At EDA, we have extensive experience with design, quick turn prototype, product verification, volume production and logistics.

To ensure a smooth product launch, we not only deliver our customers’ products on time, we provide them with detailed feedback on what can be done to improve product quality and manufacturability. We provide innovative technical solutions for complex functional test. Plus, we assign a complete project team with expertise in engineering, test and supply chain, providing customers with the resources necessary to get a product to market on time and on budget.

1. Valued Engineering capabilities: 
a) Analyzes for cost reduction Inventory analyzes of spare parts 
b) Analyzes of electronics circuits 
c) Analyzes of the mechanical structure
d) Operation Cost Analysis

2. Component Engineering 
a) Verification of suppliers
b) Confirmation and analysis of alternative materials
c) Alternative solutions for off-production materials
d) Analyzes of product longevity and risks

3. Inspection and analyzes of designs
a) Assembly analyzes of circuit boards 
b) Designs for manufacture
c) Factory design and manufacture
d) Designs for assembly automation
e) Analyzes of MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure)

4. Introduction of new products
a) Early supplier involvement
b) Prototyping
c) Analyzes of production defection

Customized turn key factory

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