What are the factors that affect PCB assembly prices?

         1. PCB board size.
         The size mainly affects the workload of pcb copy board. One link in the process of PCB copying: the larger the PCB board, the more difficult it is to polish and the more time it takes. And the greater the probability of wearing the original board, the higher the cost of PCB copying.
         2. The number of layers of pcb board.
         The number of pcb board layers mainly affects the difficulty of pcb duplication board. The more layers of the board, the existence of various buried and blind holes not only affects the speed of the pcb copy board, but also increases the difficulty of the pcb copy board. Therefore, the higher the number of board layers, the higher the cost of the pcb replica board. (Multilayer PCB copy board)
         3. Number of pcb solder joints.
         The number of PCB solder joints is related to the equipment density, and affects the workload and difficulty of dismantling, template, and copying lines. The more solder joints, the higher the cost of PCB copying.
         4. PCB copy board project.
         There are generally three kinds of files for cb copy board: pcb file, bom list, pcb schematic diagram. Customers do not need these three files every time. Correspondingly, the fewer file requirements, the lower the cost of PCB copying. If there is a chip on the PCB that needs to be decrypted, a chip decryption fee is usually charged.
pcb assembly
pcb assembly