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Pcb Prototype Service

Single sided board

With a single-piece plastic board as the bottom plate, the integrated circuit (IC) and other electronic components are concentrated on one side, and the copper wires are concentrated on the other side. The number of copper wires that can be made on a single panel is small, and only early circuit boards will be used.

Double sided board

Take a single plastic plate as the bottom plate, make copper wires on the front and back surfaces of the bottom plate, and drill through holes (Via) to let the copper wires pass through the plastic plate from the front to the back, so that the copper wires on the front and the back are mutually connected. Connection, used in more complicated circuits.

Multi layer board

Fabricate the required circuits on the front and back surfaces of multiple double-sided boards, and sandwich an insulating layer (plastic material) between the two double-sided boards, respectively, and bond them to form a structure of several layers of copper wires. Multilayer boards can produce the largest number of copper wires, and they are used in more complex circuits. At present, the motherboards used in computers are mostly eight-layer boards due to too many components. Generally small electronic products, such as mobile phones, tablet computers Due to the small size required, at least eight layers of boards or more are required. The more electronic components and the smaller the product size, usually more layers of circuit boards are required.

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