Biotechnology innovation companies will be favored by the market

With LPWAN low-power wide-area network such as NB-IoT and LoRa and the current 5G network construction, the vision of the Internet of Everything is carried, and the large-scale deployment of low-power and remote connection of the Internet of Things is solved. There is data display, LPWAN connection is in 2018. The compound annual growth rate will be 109% by 2023, which will open the trillion-dollar IoT market and promote the application of the Internet of Things in vertical areas such as industry, energy, retail, logistics and traceability.

New economy benefits IoT technology to promote industry transformation and upgrading

In recent years, China's new economy has developed more rapidly than expected. Mobile payment, big data, cloud computing, etc. have driven the industrial revolution and product innovation. China has become the most innovative and dynamic market in the world today. The booming of the new economy has opened up the potential for the development of innovative companies with Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and biotechnology as the core, and is expected to expand rapidly. Now the community is actively preparing for the development opportunities released by the new economy.

Looking at the world, the transformation enterprises with AI+IoT as the core have developed rapidly. At the same time, with the integration of biotechnology and artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, there are unprecedented opportunities for biotechnology innovation companies to emerge. Innovative companies including Haier Biomedical have emerged, using new technologies such as the Internet of Things to boost smart creatures. The arrival of the technological era.

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